Qualcomm Files to Block iPhone Sales and Manufacturing in China

iPhone 8 Plus showing logo and camera island

While news has quieted down a bit regarding Apple and Qualcomm, the battle between the two juggernaut companies is far from over.

Bloomberg reports that Qualcomm has officially moved forward with a filing in China, focused on getting the sales of iPhones, as well as the manufacturing of the devices, banned in China. The legal battle started this year, when the FTC in the United States filed a complaint against Qualcomm. Soon after that, Apple sued Qualcomm for $1 billion. Since then, it has become a back-and-forth, with Qualcomm saying that the iPhone would only exist because of Qualcomm’s technology and efforts, and Apple rebuking, saying that licensing fees have become exorbitant over the years, among other issues.

Now, Qualcomm has filed in China to get the sales and manufacturing of iPhones blocked in China, which is a huge move on Qualcomm’s part.

“Qualcomm Inc. filed lawsuits in China seeking to ban the sale and manufacture of iPhones in the country, the chipmaker’s biggest shot at Apple Inc. so far in a sprawling and bitter legal fight.”

Unfortunately, at the time of publication the story was still developing, so there are not a lot of details to go on right now. The initial report simply states that Qualcomm has made the necessary steps to try and block the iPhone, in every meaningful capacity, in China. The lion’s share of manufacturing efforts for the iPhone lineup take place in China, and, as far as sales go, it’s no secret that Apple sees the region as one of the most important in the world.

This is indeed a huge step on Qualcomm’s part. The company has already filed a patent infringement case against Apple, which also tied to a U.S. import ban on the iPhone lineup, too.

It will be interesting to see what Apple does next, or how the sought-after ban pans out for Qualcomm in China.

[via Bloomberg]