Uber Now Supports Stopping at Multiple Locations on a Single Trip

The ride-hailing company Uber has long made it pretty easy for people to get from one place to another, but for folks who might need multiple stops along the way, the company wasn’t the right choice.

That is finally changing thanks to the Uber app’s latest update, which is rolling out globally now. Now, Uber passengers will be able to select multiple stops on a single trip. So if you need to get multiple errands done, you can now use Uber to stop at multiple places without having to request a new ride from one spot to the next.

To get it to work, you’ll need to see the new “+” symbol that is positioned next to the destination field. Once you enter the first location you want to go, touch that symbol and you will be able to input additional stop locations.

The new feature also supports splitting the bill with multiple passengers, which the ride-hailing company has technically supported for several months now. However, there is a catch. As reported by TNW, the bills are split evenly across the board. So even if you aren’t traveling as far as your friend, you’ll all be paying equal parts towards the total bill.

Uber is working on a regular basis to try and pull away from the negative news it has received over the last several months, both on a corporate level and with privacy issues discovered in its apps. That even includes a pivot into new business ventures, including a brand new credit card the company announced just yesterday.

How often do you use Uber? Are you looking forward to this update?

[via TNW]