Out of Warranty iPhone X Screen Replacement will Cost $279

iPhone X

Apple has freshly updated its website to reflect the out of warranty charges for screen replacement and other repairs pertaining to the iPhone X. Customers will have to shell out $279 to replace the iPhone X screen if it’s out of warranty, and up to $549 for other repairs. Manufacturing defects will still be covered by Apple for free under warranty, but everything else will be charged the aforementioned rates.

It is important to note that these rates don’t apply to customers who purchase the AppleCare+ coverage for the iPhone X. In this case, two incidents of accidental damage will be covered, wherein the users will only have to pay $29 for screen replacements and $99 for any other repairs.

AppleCare+ costs $199 in the U.S. and comes highly recommended to save big on repair costs, especially after the standard one-year warranty expires.

The costs mentioned above are limited to the U.S. Below are the rates Apple will charge in other regions:

Australia – $419 for screen repairs, $819 for other damage

Canada – $359 for screen repairs, $709 for other damage

Germany – €321 for screen repairs, and €611 for other damage

United Kingdom – £286 for screen repairs, £556 for other damage

The iPhone X went on pre-order today with the handset already going out of stock in several markets. Recent reports suggested that Apple will only ship 20 million units of the iPhone X in 2017, raising fears that demand will significantly outweigh supply.

[Via Apple Support]