Retail Listing Suggests Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Could Cost $199

iPhone X and AirPower

One of the big new additions to the iPhone lineup was wireless charging support, and, of course, a brand new Apple-official wireless charging mat.

That mat is called AirPower, and while Apple was willing to divulge all the necessary details, it couldn’t quite pin down a release date or tell us how much it would cost. Thanks to Polish retailer X-Kom, the price tag may have been revealed ahead of time.

ThinkApple notes that the majority of Apple products that are listed for 999 Złotych on the aforementioned retailer’s website cost $199 in the United States. Unfortunately, this may just be a placeholder and may not actually reflect the price point that Apple is shooting for. At this point there’s no real way to tell. Currency exchange rates may make the end result a bit different, and there’s always a possibility that Apple simply doesn’t match the third-party retailer’s listing.

AirPower is a wireless charging mat, but instead of adopting the now-standard circle shape, it goes with a more oval design. As Apple has showcased in its own announcement, the device will be big enough to wirelessly charge a few different products, including an iPhone X (or 8, or 8 Plus), an Apple Watch, or the brand new AirPods case that will support wireless charging as well.

Apple did confirm that the AirPower wireless charging mat would launch sometime in 2018, and expectations appear to be that it will arrive in the early stages of the year, but the company has not nailed down an exact launch date. And, of course, pricing hasn’t been confirmed, either.

When the AirPower mat launches, do you plan on picking one up?

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