Apple Celebrates iPhone X Launch by Sharing Launch Day Pictures from Around the World

Now that the iPhone X has gone on sale across the world, Apple is celebrating the occasion by sharing some photos of customers who got the device today. Apple shared photos of customers with their iPhone X from its store in Regent Street, London; Apple Dubai Mall; Orchard Road, Singapore and many other countries.

Despite reports claiming that the iPhone X was going to be in short supply at launch, Apple managed to have plenty of iPhone X units for its walk-in customers on launch day. The company had earlier announced the same and encouraged walk-in customers to arrive early.

The launch of the iPhone X also saw huge lines return in front of Apple stores across the globe on launch day. The launch of the iPhone 8 earlier this year was met with tepid customer response with hardly any queue forming up outside of Apple stores. The launch of iPhone X saw hundreds of people lining up outside of Apple Stores ahead of its opening to ensure they are able to get their hands on the device today itself.