Apple Countersues Qualcomm for Infringing on Its Patents

In the legal tryst between Apple and Qualcomm, we have only seen the latter accuse the Cupertino company of infringing on its patents. Now, adding a twist to this tale, Apple today countersued Qualcomm for infringing on its patents.

Apple accuses Qualcomm of infringing on at least eight of its patents with its Snapdragon 800 and Snapdragon 820 chips. The patents only relate to a processor only drawing minimum power while idle by turning off other parts that are not needed and improved sleep efficiency.

“Apple began seeking those patents years before Qualcomm began seeking the patents it asserts against Apple in this case,” the company wrote in its complaint.

Apple potentially started going through its patent portfolio to see which ones were infringed upon by Qualcomm after the legal battle between the two intensified and Qualcomm tried to get an import ban on the iPhones in the US. Apple’s damage amount for the patent infringement was not revealed in its filing.

While the Snapdragon 800 and 820 chips were used by Google and Samsung in their flagship devices, Apple does not mention the name of these companies in its lawsuit and is not seeking any damages from them.

The legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple has only intensified in recent months. While Qualcomm’s CEO is optimistic about an out of court settlement with the Cupertino company, that seems unlikely to be the case now. Other tech giants like Intel and Samsung have already sided with Apple over Qualcomm’s unfair business practises and the San Diego company will probably end up on the losing side if this matter is dragged further.

[Via Reuters]