Apple Highlights iPhone X Reviews Ahead of Its Launch Later This Week

Ahead of the iPhone X launch later this week, Apple highlighted the major reviews of the device through a GIF.

The company has used excerpts from reviews of Mashable, BuzzFeed, Creative Live Blog, The Wall Street Journal, CNET, The Evening Standard, and TechCrunch which praise Face ID, camera, and other aspects of the device.

“Apple’s iPhone X is the beginning of something new. Everything the iPhone X is serves as a roadmap for future iPhones.”
“Face ID worked as promised: with sunglasses, without sunglasses, with my hair up, with it down, at night in the dark, or during the day.”
Creative Live Blog
“The OLED display is insanely good. The contrast is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And the edge to edge / bezel arrangement is stunning. It somehow further humanizes the device. I feel like I’m holding my photos and videos…not a device on which to view them.”
The Wall Street Journal
“Face ID is secure, fast, reliable and very easy to use. But even if it is Halloween, you’ll be headed for trouble if you go trying to clone yourself.”
“After 10 hours on the streets of San Francisco, mostly in and around Fisherman’s Wharf, I was impressed by how Portrait Mode transformed the everyday selfie into a respectable and elegant photo.”
The Evening Standard
“Apple’s implementation of the camera is flawlessly done and THE Animoji are fantastic.”
“What I can tell you is that [Animoji] are cute and super funny. The way that the camera is able to accurately track and map your face, the physics in the models and the fun factor of being able to ‘wear a mask’ combine to make something that’s actually a ton of fun.”

This is the first time that Apple has highlighted the reviews of an iPhone. The company also adopted a different strategy for the iPhone X reviews this time around. It first seeded the device to some lowkey YouTubers before seeding them to major tech publications and lifting the embargo within 24 hours of that.

[Via Apple]