Apple Publishes Holiday-Themed ‘Sway’ Ad With Apple Music, iPhone X and AirPods

The holiday season has already kicked off, so, in turn, companies are starting to release their themed ads to get people in the mood to buy new things.

Apple is certainly no stranger to holiday-themed ads. This year isn’t any different. The company has just released a brand new ad, entitled “Sway,” which not only shows off the new iPhone X, but also tries to garner plenty of attention for the company’s truly wireless headphones, the AirPods, which launched last year.

The ad is almost one minute and 50 seconds long, and it features the song “Palace” by artist Sam Smith, which the protagonist of the ad starts playing with Apple Music. We get to watch as a person who owns an iPhone X and AirPods dances around in the snow to the track. In the visual spectacle, the dancing woman eventually runs into a person who’s ready to dance, too. She shares one of her AirPods with him, letting them listen to the same song without having to be tethered together, and they dance.

Before the ad ends, though, reality sets in and the two pass one another on the street, like so many other folks out there in the wild.

As is par for the course, especially with Apple’s holiday ads, it is a beautifully shot piece, and the music is prominent enough to catch people’s attention. It’s likely that this ad will show up on TVs soon enough, especially as the holidays get into full swing.

You can watch the ad below.

What do you think of Apple’s “Sway” ad?