Apple TV App Adds Sports Section in Latest Betas Ahead of iOS 11.2 Launch

Earlier this month, a report indicated that Apple was planning on rolling out the sports section to the TV app in December, which would bring live sports coverage to the first-party service.

And, sure enough, that looks like it will be the case. According to folks running the latest betas of iOS 11.2 and tvOS 11.2, which Apple seeded yesterday, the sports section within the official Apple TV app is now live. It’s a dedicated tab at the bottom of the app, so it will go between the “Watch Now” and “Library” tabs for easy access.

Apple wants the new sports section to work as the go-to source for an Apple user’s favorite teams. That means you’ll get notified when your team is about to start playing, live scores, game updates, and the TV app will also make it possible to watch multiple games at the same time. And Apple showcased back in September that the TV app will show live scores and time remaining for other games while you are watching within the app.

You will be able to use the TV app to keep tabs on your favorite teams from a variety of sports, including the NBA, NFL, NHL, and more. It is also said that the sports section will be able to keep a dynamic list of the sports actually happening, based on each season.

The new feature within the TV app is available within the latest betas for iOS 11.2 and tvOS 11.2. As it stands right now, it is expected that the official rollout for the public will take place sometime in the early part of December, but no exact release date has been confirmed just yet.

Do you use the TV app at all? Are you looking forward to the sports feature being rolled out?

[via 9to5Mac]