iPhone X Problems: How to Fix them

iPhone X Problems: How to Fix them

The iPhone X has been on the market for just about two weeks now. Since its launch, plenty of issues have been discovered with the device. Not all of them are particularly major though, with some being too small to matter while others will require a software fix from Apple.

Considering how popular the iPhone X is and that Apple has already sold millions of units of the device, it is not surprising that every tiny issue with the handset is being reported by the media.

If you own an iPhone X and your unit is affected by one such issue reported by the media, there’s no need to be angry or frustrated. Its likely that the problem can be solved with a simple fix. In this article, we look at some of the common iPhone X problems being reported and how to fix them.

#1. Green Lines on iPhone X Display

A small batch of iPhone X owners from across the globe are reporting of random green lines or patches showing up on the beautiful 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display of their handset. This is an issue with the OLED panel itself and cannot be fixed by a software update. If your iPhone X unit has any such issues, you should take it to your nearest Apple store or authorised service centre and get a replacement.

#2. iPhone X Touchscreen Becomes Unresponsive in Cold Weather

Many iPhone X owners have reported that the touchscreen on their iPhone X will stop responding for a few seconds. The issue has been primarily occurring with iPhone X owners living in colder parts of the world or if they subject their phone to sudden changes in temperature.

Apple has already acknowledged this issue and promised to fix it with an upcoming iOS software update.

#3. iPhone X Activation Issues

During the launch weekend, many iPhone X owners complained of various issues and errors while trying to activate their new handset. The issue occurred due to additional load on Apple’s server since so many people from all over the world were trying to activate their new iPhone. The issue has since then been resolved. If you are still facing activation issues with your new iPhone X, try a few times as it seems to work after a few attempts or contact Apple or your network operator.

Face ID Not Working

Certain iPhone X users are reporting that the Face ID functionality of their device has suddenly stopped working. If various drop tests of the iPhone X are anything to go by, the Face ID module on the handset is extremely delicate and can stop working properly due to a fall. So, while your iPhone X might emerge unscathed from a drop physically, its functionality might be compromised.

Face ID scan step 2

Yellowish Tint

Some iPhone X owners have reported about a yellowish tint/hue on their display. The warmer tone of the display has been irritating many new iPhone owners with many blaming the new OLED panel for this.

As it turns out, the yellowish tint on the iPhone X display is due to the True Tone feature on the device which first debuted on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. With this feature enabled, the iPhone X’s display will automatically change the display color temperature depending on the ambient lighting. This helps reduce eye strain and improve readability. If the warmer tone of the display is bugging you, there is always the option to disable True Tone on iPhone X from the Settings menu.

‘Crackling’ Sound From Front-Facing Speaker at High Volumes

Some iPhone X users are reporting that they are experiencing “crackling” or “buzzing” sound from the device’s front-facing earpiece speaker at high or max volumes.  The crackling sound is heard with any kind of audio playback including phone calls, music, videos, alarms, and ringtones.

Apple is currently replacing the affected iPhone X units free of charge and collecting diagnostic information so that their engineers can investigate the problem. It is difficult to conclude that it is just an isolated issue, as the issue is experienced only at high or max volumes. If you’re facing the issue then you should probably book a Genius Bar appointment to get a replacement.

What other issues are you facing on your iPhone X? And how did you manage to fix it? Drop a comment and let us know!