How to Use Apple Pay on iPhone X Using Face ID in 3 Simple Steps

Apple Pay iPhone X

We’ve been used to the little Apple Pay dance for the last couple of years. Double tap the Home button, authenticate using Touch ID, ping! And voila, it’s paid. On the iPhone X, there’s no home button and no Touch ID. So the process of both invoking and authenticating using Apple ID is different. Here’s how it works.

The 3 steps to use Apple Pay on your new iPhone X using Face ID after setting up all your cards in the Wallet app are as follows:

Step 1: Double Click the Side Button

iPhone X Side Button

You start the process by double-clicking the Side button. This will bring up Apple Pay screen.

Step 2: Scan Your Face

Apple Pay Face ID

Now, you’ll see a little animation on the screen. Bring the phone up to your face and authenticate with Face ID.

Step 3: Hold Near Reader

Apple Pay iPhone X 2

Once the authentication is done, you’ll see a “Hold near reader” text. Bring your phone close to the terminal and the payment will be done. If there are extra steps needed, you’ll need to proceed on the terminals.

Change in Pace

If you’re used to the old Apple Pay method, getting used to the new process will take a bit more time. In the old method, invoking and authenticating Apple Pay happened using the same gesture. Now, it’s broken down in two steps.

What do you think of the new way of using Apple Pay? Share with us in the comments below.