How to Disable True Tone on iPhone X Display in 3 Easy Steps

iPhone X True Tone

iPhone X brings iPad Pro’s True Tone display technology to the iPhone. The feature subtly chances your display’s color temperature depending on your surroundings. So if you step into a dimly lit room, the iPhone X’s screen will get slightly warmer (yellower). This effect is so subtle that you usually don’t even know when it’s active.

But it’s possible that True Tone won’t work for everyone and under all circumstances (just like Night Shift isn’t for everyone). In that case, you might want to quickly disable True Tone for a while, or just turn off the feature altogether. We’ll show you how to do just that.

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How True Tone Works

iPhone X comes with ambient light sensor. iOS uses the data from this sensor to determine what the kind of room you’re in. It can measure the color temperature of your device and determine if you’re out in the sun or you’re in a dimly lit library.

It then uses this data to adjust the color temperature of the display. This is not the same as the brightness of the display. If you’re out in the sun, the color temperature of the screen will stay cool. Which means the white part of the display will be a blueish white. The kind you’re used to.

When you get into a dimly lit area, the color temperature is kind of yellow (think candescent light bulbs). In such an area, looking at the bright blue-white light on your screen might be disruptive. In such circumstances, the feature to warm up the screen, turning the blueish white into warmer, yellowish white.

Toggle True Tone from Control Center

You’ll find the True Tone toggle hidden behind the Brightness slider in the new customizable Control Center.

Step 1: Open Control Center

Swipe down from the top right edge of the iPhone X (the right ear).

Step 2: 3D Touch Brightness Slider

From the Control Center, 3D Touch the Brightness slider.

iPhone 8 - True Tone via Control Center

Step 3: Toggle True Tone

Tap on the Ture Tone button.

iPhone 8 - True Tone via Control Center

Disable True Tone Feature

If you want to permanently disable True Tone feature, you can do so from Settings.

Step 1: Go to Display and Settings

Open the Settings app and select Display & Brightness.

iPhone 8 - True Tone Setting

Step 2: Toggle True Tone

Tap on the toggle next to True Tone.

Night Shift: Yay or Nay?

night shift photos 7

Night Shift is the not-so-subtle version of True Tone. Night Shift software feature adds a yellow tint to the display right just as the sun is setting in your area. That can be really helpful for your eyes if you look at your iPhone when you’re in bed. But the yellow tint is clearly not for everyone. Which makes Night Shift such a polarizing feature. Do you use Night Shift every day or you just can’t stand it? Share our opinions with us in the comments below.