How to Make Your Own Animoji Karaoke Videos with iPhone X

iPhone X Animoji

The weekend of iPhone X release, my Twitter has been filled with #AnimojiKaraoke posts. And after a long time, I’m actually happy with a trending Twitter hashtag. This one is thanks to iPhone X’s new animated emoji feature – Animoji. In Animoji Karaoke videos, you’re basically lip syncing your favorite songs with your favorite (or most appropriate) Animoji, with the actual song synced up. This makes for a fun video because Animoji’s are so expressive!

If you’ve been scrolling through Twitter and wondering how you can make your own Animoji Karaoke video, follow our guide below.

Step 1: Pick Your Song

First, of course, you need to pick the music. Once you’ve picked it, download it your secondary device. While you record your Animoji, you’ll need to pay the music from another device because when you start recording Animoji, music from the iPhone X will stop.

Step 2: Record Animoji Clips

Animoji App

Animoji can only be recorded from inside the Messages app, from an iMessage app. So go to any iMessage conversation and from the bottom ticker, select the Animoiji app. Now, select the Animoji character you want. Make sure you don’t switch to the full-screen version of the app (editing it later will be harder if you do that).

You can record Animojis right from the Messages app but they’ll only be a 10-second clip. If you want to record for longer, just use iOS 11’s built-in screen recording feature (learn how to enable and use in our guide here).

Step 3: Edit Animoji Video

iMovie for Mac

Once you have your Animoji videos, and your background music, all you have to do is thrown them in a simple-to-use editor. If you have a Mac, the iMovie app is a great choice. Add your clips in there, trim them just right and then add your music. Sync the music with the video (all you have to do is align the timeline of the music and your video clip).

Export the clip and you’re done! Now share it on your social media network of choice.

Share Your Work

What did you end up making? Share with us in the comments. We’d love to take a look.