iPhone Supplier Resurfaces Rumors Regarding Rumored Apple AR Glasses

Apple Australia

For months, rumors swirled that Apple was working on augmented reality glasses, but, eventually, they died down.

But a good thing never stays dead. A report from the Asian Nikkei Review, citing statements made by iPhone supply partner Catcher Technology, suggests that they are currently working on building the frame for upcoming AR wearable. Catcher Technology chairman, Allen Horng, said that a product that features AR in a wearable design needs to not only look good, but also needs to “be light enough to wear.”

“Based on what we have learned, [new AR products] need to look good and be light enough to wear … that makes the casings for such device very complicated to manufacture and there are still a lot of challenges to overcome currently,” Catcher Chairman Allen Horng told analysts and reporters in an earnings conference on Tuesday.”

As is par for the course with these sort of situations, Horng would not divulge which company his own was working with, but considering that Cather Technology builds casings for the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, it isn’t a giant leap to think that they are also working on a case for whatever AR wearable this might be.

The rumors regarding AR glasses from the Apple camp have lingered for quite some time. We’ve heard that the AR glasses could require the iPhone for a standalone display, and that ARKit could be the underlying platform to make the glasses function.

However, most recently, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said that the technology for doing “quality smart AR glasses” simply doesn’t exist right now. And, interestingly enough, even Catcher Technology’s chairman doesn’t mince words when he says that there are obstacles on the hardware side of things as well.

So, while the rumor mill won’t quite give up on Apple Glasses just yet, it does sound like we aren’t anywhere near an announcement yet.

[via Nikkei Asian Review]