iPhone X and iPhone 8 Owners Report of YouTube App Draining Excess Battery

An increasing number of iPhone X and iPhone 8 owners have been complaining about the YouTube app consuming excessive power on their handset running iOS 11.1 and iOS 11.1. The excessive use of resources by the YouTube app is also leading to many iPhones getting unnecessarily warm or hot.

Affected iPhone X owners are reporting that even if they don’t use the YouTube app, it is still consuming battery in the background. And the battery drain while using the app is downright bizarre, with many users saying watching a couple of videos through the app was enough for their iPhone X battery to drain by 20 percent.

Since the issue also persists in iOS 11.1.1, it is likely that the YouTube app is to blame here. Google had updated the app a couple of days ago to add iPhone X support and its likely that the updated borked something. Given how widespread the issue is, Google should roll out an update to the YouTube app soon to fix this battery draining bug. However, some theories floating around on Reddit suggests that the YouTube app is streaming VP9 videos which the A11 Bionic chipset inside the iPhone X does not have native hardware acceleration for. Due to this, the videos are getting decoded through software which consumes a lot of resources. The A11 Bionic chip in the iPhone X has native hardware acceleration for H265 videos.

Have you noticed the YouTube app draining more battery on your iPhone X or iPhone 8? If yes, did you manage to solve the problem? Share your fix with us below!

[Via Reddit]