Apple Publishes Four New iPhone X Videos Promoting Animoji Karaoke and Face ID

The iPhone X has plenty of new features baked in, especially with the new biometric security measure Face ID and the TrueDepth camera system on the front of the handset.

That new camera system makes Face ID possible, but it also means that a new feature called Animoji can exist, too. That new camera system tracks your face, and, as such, it means that you can use a cartoon model of a unicorn, or a monkey, or a robot, or a cat, to talk — or sing, if you’re so inclined. Right after the iPhone X’s launch, Twitter was filled with a variety of showcases where an Animoji character was the star of some masterful karaoke work.

So, it isn’t too surprising to see Apple capitalizing on that phenomenon and promote it in a new video. It runs over 35 seconds long, and we get to see a variety of different Animoji characters jamming out. We also get to see a human right there for most of the ad, too, singing alongside the Animoji so you get a look at how it works.

Here’s that video:

Along with the Animoji karaoke showcase, Apple has also published a trio of videos that promote Face ID and how well it works. First up is a video that lasts almost 40 seconds, and works as a basic overview of the biometric security measure.

The other two ads are both 15 seconds in length. The first of the pair is a focus on the fact that Face ID works in the dark, so even if you have to get your phone unlocked in less-than-optimal lighting, the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera can handle that.

And, lastly, Apple celebrates the fact that Face ID learns your face, and can work even when you add glasses or makeup to the mix.

The new videos are straight and to the point, but that Animoji karaoke will probably get plenty of attention.