iPhone X Side Button Cheat Sheet: 11 Things You Need to Use the Side Button

iPhone X Side Button

The iPhone X does away with the little Sleep/Wake button we’re familiar with. Instead, we now get a much bigger and easier to grip and use Side button. The previous button’s name was a dead giveaway. But this time, Apple has simply called it the button that’s on the side. And this button does quite a lot.

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#1. Sleep/Wake

You still use the Side button to wake up the device and to lock it up.

#2. Power Up

When your iPhone is turned off, tap and hold the Side button to start it up again.

#3. Call Up Siri

iPhone X Access Siri GIF

Now that there’ no home button, tapping and holding the Side button brings up Siri.

#4. Shut Down, Emergency SOS, Medical ID

iPhone X Screenshot Buttons

Now, to shut down your iPhone X, you need to press the Side button along with one of the Volume buttons. After a couple of seconds, you’ll get haptic feedback and you’ll see the screen with sliders for shutting the phone down, accessing Emergency SOS and Medical ID.

iPhone X Shut Down Menu

#5. Quickly Contact Emergency Services

Once you’ve set it up in the settings, you can click the Side button 5 times to directly call emergency services.

#6. Apple Pay

iPhone X Apple Pay Gesture GIF

Your Apple Pay interaction now starts by double-clicking the Side button. When the Apple Pay UI shows up, authenticate using Face ID and put the iPhone near the reader to pay.

#7. Paying and Downloading Apps Using Face ID

iPhone X Face ID App Install

You don’t need to worry about accidentally buying any apps on the App Store. The only way to start the Face ID authentication system is to double-click the Side button. When you tap on the Buy button in the App Store, you’ll be prompted to do so. Only then Face ID authentication will start.

#8. Screenshot

iPhone X Screenshot Buttons

To take a screenshot, click both the Side button and Volume Up button at once.

#9. Hard Reset

iPhone X Hard Reset Buttons

Click on the Volume Up button, then quickly click the Volume Down button and then tap and hold the Side button till you see the Apple logo. You’ve just done a hard reset. None of your data or settings are lost. It just resets system features. This usually takes care of any weird UI bugs that you have.

#10. Quickly Disable Face ID

iPhone X Side Button

Grip your iPhone from the top so that all the three buttons on the top are pressed at the same time – Volume Up, Volume Down and Side button. You’ll get haptic feedback and Face ID will be disabled till the next time you enter your passcode.

#11. Enter Recovery Mode

If your iPhone X is bricked, you might need to update the software using iTunes. Connect your iPhone X to your computer and open iTunes. Then, press the Volume Up button, then Volume Down and then Hold the Side button till you see the iTunes logo on the iPhone screen.

And Then It’s All Gestures

Everything else on the iPhone is based on gestures. From unlocking your iPhone to accessing the Control Center. Read about all the gestures in our guide here.

What do you think of the new interaction models of the iPhone X? Share with us in the comments below.