Kitesurfer Talks About How the Apple Watch Saved His Life

Apple Watch 3

A California kitesurfer who was stranded off the coast of California has shared his experience with an Apple Watch, which helped him contact emergency responders. John Zilles was learning how to use a hydrofoil, a contraption used by kitesurfers to rise above the water. However, he quickly realized that he was quite a distance away from the shore.

Due to the weather being relatively calm at that point, he couldn’t get his kite to fly back again either. Some 20 minutes later, Zilles realized that the Apple Watch Series 3 he’s wearing has cellular capabilities, allowing him to call emergency responders and get a rescue from the Ventura Harbor Patrol.

He used the Apple Watch to call his kids first and told them that he’ll be late as he had to swim back to safety. But upon further inspection of the situation and assessing the potential risks from the great white sharks in the area, he decided to seek help from the local emergency responders. They sent a boat, which reached Zilles’ location in about 15 minutes.

Zilles was so happy with the results of his new Apple Watch that he even wrote to Apple CEO Tim Cook, explaining how the Watch saved his life. Cook reportedly sent a short reply back saying “wow. happy to hear you are safe.”

The health benefits of owning an Apple Watch are several. Last month, we talked about how the Watch accurately recognized unusual heartbeats, helping a user diagnose pulmonary embolism before it proved fatal. In that scenario, the user had a first gen Apple Watch, which lacks continuous heart rate tracking, but was able to accurately track his vitals using the Heart Watch app.

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