Lines for the iPhone X Continue to Grow

The iPhone X went up for pre-order on October 27, but the window to get the handset on launch day closed within minutes. Now, shipping is five to six weeks from the order date.

Of course, there is always one more way to try and secure a launch-day iPhone, and that’s from a physical retail store on the day it happens. And while some stores in the country might not have a line forming in front of it already, at least in the United States where the launch is now just under 24 hours away, some stores all over the world have seen lines for a day or longer.

Over in Australia, the iPhone X is close to launch, which will mean we’ll start to see people out there with the iPhone X in the wild who aren’t reviewers who already got a chance to look at the new handset.

Folks have been sharing photos through social media platforms like Instagram, tagging the iPhone X to show off the lines they’ve seen out there in the wild. The line at a Manhattan Apple retail site isn’t that long at all, but that will surely change as day turns to night, as you can see from the image at the top of this article.

Meanwhile, over in London, the Covent Garden Apple Store has an impressive line in front of it:

And the lines in other countries, like the aforementioned Australia, are looking just as striking, but considering the phone launches soon, that’s expected. Lines like the one at Covent Garden will start to appear at Apple Stores, and other third-party locations, throughout the day for sure. Apple has already said that its stores will have stock for walk-in customers, but suggested that customers interested in the iPhone X get there early, because stock will be tight.

Are you planning on lining up to get your iPhone X?

[via @dviznov; @checo7xdp]