Researchers Hack iPhone X Face ID Again with $200 Artificial Twin Mask

iPhone X Lock screen Face ID Locked

Last month, security research company Bkav managed to fool Face ID using a special 3D printed mask. This time around, to prove that it was not a one-off incident, the cybersecurity company has uploaded a more detailed video where they again show Face ID being faced by the second version of their 3D printed mask.

Dubbed “artificial twin,” the second mask is based on the first mask that has been printed by a 3D printer using stone powder and uses 2D printed infrared images for eyes. In the detailed video, the researcher first deletes the current Face ID data from his iPhone X and then again enrols his face. He then again goes on to unlock his iPhone X to show that Face ID is working properly on his device.

After this, when he brings his iPhone X in front of the second mask, the phone is again successfully unlocked. And this was with the “Attention Aware” option enabled in Face ID which further improves security. This essentially proves that Apple needs to improve the security of Face ID since it is not secure enough for business transactions and to be used by VIP. While not particularly easy, anyone with the required resources can possibly end up bypassing Face ID on their target’s iPhone X.

While Face ID is still in its first generation, there’s no denying that it is not secure as Touch ID. This might not pose a problem to regular customers but might force VIPs and people who carry sensitive data on their phones to look elsewhere.