Revamped Warby Parker App Uses the iPhone X Face Mapping System to Recommend Eyeglasses

Warby Parker - iPhone X

Warby Parker has just updated its iPhone app with an interesting new feature exclusively for iPhone X owners. Leveraging the TrueDepth API, the app can now take a map of your face and suggest the ideal fit for eyeglasses. It’s a game changing update, and something that could make lives a lot easier for those who shop online for glasses. The feature appears to be limited to the eyeglasses section for now.

This should eventually replace the virtual mirror feature that companies use to show you what a particular pair of glasses would look like on your face. This is just one of the implementations we’ve seen coming out of the new TrueDepth API with several more expected in the months to come from a number of developers.

With the iPhone X officially going on sale only last Friday, developers are already hard at work tweaking around existing features. Only yesterday, we came across a developer who tweaked around the Animoji API to (unofficially) launch a standalone Animoji app.

Be sure to check for an update to the Warby Parker app on the App Store. Once updated, you can head over to the eyeglasses section and tap “Find Your Fit” to check out this feature.

[Via The Verge]