One-Foot Tall Steve Jobs Figurine Includes 3 Pairs of Interchangeable Hands and Tiny MacBook Air

Black Friday is well under way, and while this figurine doesn’t really fall into the “mega deals” category, it may be the perfect gift for someone who really, really likes Apple’s co-founder.

Dam Toys has created a 1/6 scale figurine of Apple’s co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs. The company has gone to great lengths to put a ton of detail into the figurine itself, which you can see from the top image with the close-up of the figurine’s face. But the detail goes into the accessories, too, of which there are many, including the black lounge chair, the figurine’s clothes, and even the interchangeable hands.

Yes, there are three pairs of interchangeable hands. One pair includes “open hands,” and there are two different styles of Steve Jobs’s “relaxed hands,” for good measure. The figurine can be made to sit in the lounge chair, where you’ll be able to cross the Jobs figurine’s legs for that familiar position.

As far as accessories go, the aforementioned hands are included, as is a small apple that has a single bite taken out of it, one MacBook Air replica, two pieces of 3.5-inch disks, a round table, and the lounge chair.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of bad news for anyone who thinks they would want to get this for the holiday present opening extravaganza next month. One retailer has the figurine listed for $193, and says that the pre-order deadline is December 14. However, the site says that the expected ship date is “TBA,” so there does not appear to be a guarantee that you’d receive the order before the end of 2017.

Jobs has plenty of fans out there, as well he should, so this may be a perfect gift. Even if it has to be a bit late.

Do you know anyone who would like this figurine?

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