Steven Soderbergh Shot His Next Film, ‘Unsane’, on an iPhone

Apple has made it a priority to make the camera (or cameras) in the iPhone lineup impressive, and, as a result, many people have used the smartphone over the years to shoot all sorts of content.

In fact, Sean Baker, the director of the movie Tangerine shot that film on an iPhone back in 2015. And now another film will be getting a wide release after being shot on an iPhone. Deadline reports today that Steven Soderbergh (Logan Lucky, Ocean’s Eleven) shot his next film, entitled Unsane, on an iPhone and that it will be classified as a horror film.

The upcoming project stars Juno Temple, Aimee Mullins, Jay Pharaoh, Claire Foy, and Amy Irving. And while we know that the film was shot with the smartphone, that’s about all we know. Nothing is known about the plot as of right now. It does have a release date, though: March 23, 2018.

This will be a wide release, and Soderbergh is reportedly self-distributing Unsane like he did with Logan Lucky. This will likely mean that Soderbergh will have the final say on the marketing of the film, so it will be interesting to see if the fact it was shot on an iPhone will be marketed at all.

The fact that Soderbergh not only put together a horror film without much fanfare or attention, but also shot it on an iPhone is certainly interesting. With a wide release, and with Soderbergh behind the camera, this is one film that will more than likely garner plenty of attention when it launches next year.

How will the iPhone fare in the hands of Soderbergh and the cinematographers on set? We’ll have to wait until next year to find out. It would also be interesting to find out how many iPhones were used, and which model (or models) was used.

[via Deadline]