Video: iPhone X Drop Test

iPhone 8 drop test

Now that the iPhone X is on sale, it has been put through the usual barrage of drop tests by popular YouTuber EverythingApplePro. For comparison purposes, the iPhone 8 was also put through the same drop tests to see how both phones perform and which one is more durable.

Before dropping the phones naked from various heights, YouTuber EverythingApple Pro first used UAG cases on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X and dropped the phones to see if the glass crack even when they have adequate protection. Unsurprisingly, nothing happened to both iPhones and they survived the drop test easily.

It is without the case where things get interesting. Despite being dropped from various heights including from up to 6ft and from various angles, the front and rear glass on the iPhone X did not shatter or had a crack. Even more impressively, the stainless steel chassis hardly showed any signs of damage. It is only when you compare the iPhone X performance to the iPhone 8, you realise how durable the build quality of the former is. The iPhone 8 rear glass panel shattered after being dropped from shoulder height and its aluminium chassis bent and showed signs of damage due to the repeated drops.

Sadly, the iPhone X did not exactly emerge unscathed from the drop test. Due to the repeated drops, the Face ID sensor on the device stopped working completely. Considering how delicate the Face ID module is and how Apple suppliers are facing yield issues with it, this should not be surprising. Nonetheless, the overall durability of the iPhone X as shown in this video is very impressive and should give a lot of owners peace of mind.