These Wallpapers Shows off the Internals of the iPhone X in All Its Glory

The iPhone X looks beautiful not just from the outside but from inside as well. As a teardown of the handset had revealed, the iPhone X features a stacked motherboard and dual-cell battery to make maximum use of the internal space.

Now, while you cannot tear down the iPhone X to show off its beautiful internals to your friends and family, you can certainly make use of some beautiful wallpapers from the folks over at iFixit. These wallpapers essentially make it look like you are looking right through the display and at the internals of your precious new iPhone X.

In addition to a wallpaper which gives a look at the internals of the device, there is another wallpaper which is essentially an X-ray of the internals of the iPhone X.

Head over to iFixit’s blog link mentioned below to download the two wallpapers in their high-resolution glory. And if you missed out the iPhone X teardown showcasing its dual-cell battery and revealing other intricate details about the device, check it out there.

[Via iFixit]