Apple Has Launched Its Podcast Analytics Feature in Beta

Apple's official Podcasts app

Earlier this year, Apple officially unveiled a new analytics feature that would be baked into its podcast app.

The new feature would let podcast hosts take a look behind-the-scenes at certain elements, including how many hours a specific episode has been listened to, a look at how many minutes a specific listener has listened to, and a total average completion rate. As Apple announced earlier this year, the new feature is baked into iTunes Connect ( and it “includes devices with iOS 11 or iTunes 12.7, or later.”

The analytics feature offers ways to browse a show by devices, a total time listened, and time-per-device. Breaking it down a bit further and hosts will be able to see information on a per-episode basis, including how many times an episode has been played per device type, an average consumption percentage, and more.

There’s a lot more going for the data side of things, too, being able to see devices per country, how much time a subscriber has listened to date, and a slew of graphs the host will be able to see.

As is par for the course with a beta, Apple is seeking information it gain ascertain from podcasts hosts in an effort to add more features and improve the experience.