Apple’s Newest Ads Promote Face ID and Portrait Lighting

Back in November, Apple released a few different advertisements that promoted Animoji and Apple’s newest biometric security measure introduced with the iPhone X, Face ID.

And now the company is back with a set of new ads to help promote the facial recognition feature, as well as the new Portrait Lighting feature that the company launched with the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X earlier this year. There are three new ads in total, with the first detailing Portrait Lighting.

Here’s how Apple describes the ad:

“Introducing Portrait Lighting on iPhone X. Studio-quality portraits without the studio.”

This one is a quick one, measuring in at 15 seconds and it features the song “Messy Love” by Mura Masa. It does a nice job of showing off the different lighting effects that Portrait Lighting unlocks, though, even with the short runtime.

Meanwhile, the first of the Face ID ads focuses on the fact that you can unlock the iPhone X (and future Face ID-equipped devices) with just a glance (after it scans your face). Here’s Apple’s description of the ad, which runs for 16 seconds and features the song “Ready” by Hael.

“Face ID on iPhone X introduces the most unforgettable magical password ever created: Your face.”

And last, but certainly not least, is Apple’s showcase of the fact that Face ID will adapt and learn your face as your own facial features change, whether that’s growing a beard or shaving it off.

The ad runs for 15 seconds, the song played is “Nana” by Polo & Pan, and here’s how Apple describes it:

“iPhone X recognizes you, even when you change.”