Apple Rumored to Launch 6.1-Inch iPhone with LCD Display and Metal Back in 2018

iPhone X Notch on Home screen 2

A report from Nikkei claims that Apple will be launching a new iPhone model next year with an LCD display alongside two other variants that make use of OLED panels. This third new iPhone variant would sport a metal back similar to older iPhones and would be available in many colors.

A metal back means this new iPhone will not feature wireless charging. This likely hints at the handset sitting lower than the other two OLED iPhones that Apple would be launching alongside it.

The display size of the handset is pegged to be around 6.1-inches, with the other two OLED iPhone variants featuring a 5.8-inch and a 6.2-inch or 6.3-inch display. At 6.1-inch, the LCD iPhone would be bigger than the existing iPhone 8 Plus. The jump in display size signifies that the handset would feature an 18:9 aspect ratio display similar to what is seen on the iPhone X.

If Apple does end up deciding on launching the LCD iPhone with a metal back, it could task Pegatron’s subsidiary Casetek with the orders. This is because Casetek is already supplying Apple with the metal backs for the iPads and the design of the new metallic iPhone would be similar to it.

Reputed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had also predicted that Apple would be launching three new iPhone variants in 2018, with one of them featuring a 6.1-inch LCD display. He said that all three iPhone variants would feature a bezel-less design and TrueDepth camera at the front.

A slightly lower price tag could help the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone to sell like hot cakes in India and other developing countries where a lot of people are interested in buying an iPhone but are unable to do so due to its high price tag.

[Via Nikkei]