Apple’s Four Newest Ads Promote the Apple Watch Series 3

Apple published a holiday-themed ad not too long ago, in which the primary focus was Apple Music, the iPhone X, and Apple’s truly wireless headphones the AirPods.

But in an effort to make sure more people are aware that there is a new, third-generation Apple Watch to buy, Apple has published a few different ads, all of which are focused on the company’s newest smartwatch. There are four in all, and each measures in at just 15 seconds.

The first of the bunch, “Snowboard,” shows off snowboarding along with the Apple Watch Series 3:

The song in the snowboard ad is “Blast Off” by Nicky Blitz.

The next ad is entitled, “Soccer,” and it shows, once again, how using the cellular connection on the Apple Watch Series 3 makes staying active easier.

The song in the soccer ad is “Pa La Calle (feat. Lorna)” by Mexican Institute of Sound.

The third ad is entitled “Workout,” and shows how someone who is exercising can listen to music right from the smartwatch. AirPods make a cameo in this one.

The song playing in this one is “Bom Bom” by Tkay Maidza & Danny L Harle

Finally, there is the “Swim” ad, which showcases the Apple Watch Series 3’s ability to track a swimming session.

The song in this ad is “Water Me” by Lizzo

What do you think of Apple’s newest ads? Have you picked up an Apple Watch Series 3 yet?