System-Wide Dark Mode Envisioned for the iPhone X

Apple has typically drifted towards a light theme for iOS over the years, which made sense considering the company continued to use LCD displays and not OLED panels.

OLED screens are more suited for dark themes and dark apps, as they do not use any power on a dark part of the screen. So while Apple ignored OLED panels for its smartphone lineup, the light theme across the UI and in Apple’s stock apps worked. But as the company has shown off with the Apple Watch and its OLED display, the company isn’t completely averse to using dark themes when it makes sense.

And now that the iPhone X is out there in the wild with an OLED panel, the expectation is for Apple to change things up with iOS and adopt a dark theme across the UI and in its stock apps. Now, thanks to Maximos Angelakis (by way of 9to5Mac), we have a concept vision of what that could look like on the iPhone X. And this isn’t just for some apps, but a dark theme across the entire system as well as those Apple first-party apps.

Angelakis says the vision is due in part because of what Apple put together with the Apple Watch and the system UI there, which takes advantage of the OLED display. As such, we get to see how the Notifications Center would look with a dark theme applied, as well as Control Center, Settings, and the multitasking function.

The concept images also include what the stock Mail app would look like with a dark theme, Safari, the App Store, Messages, and Contacts. And last, but certainly not least, is the concept vision of what Apple Music would look like with a dark theme, which is an oft-requested change for the app, especially now that the iPhone X is available.

You can check out the full gallery of Angelakis’s work through the source link below.

What do you think of the idea of a system-wide dark theme on the iPhone X?

[via 9to5Mac; Maximos Angelakis]