Does Face ID Unlock your iPhone X Faster After iOS 11.2 Update?

iPhone X Lock screen Face ID Locked

Apple released iOS 11.2 which includes new features and changes like Apple Pay Cash, which will be rolled out early next week and the fix for the annoying date bug in iOS 11.1.2 that affected several users.

Interestingly some iPhone X users on reddit are reporting that Face ID is unlocking iPhone X a lot faster after upgrading to iOS 11.2.

I have also observed that it is faster to unlock iPhone X with Face ID after upgrading to iOS 11.2. I don’t see the Face ID unlocking animation as often especially if I tap on the screen and unlock it. It is not clear if Apple has improved the performance of Face ID, or it has tweaked the animation in iOS 11.2, which is giving a perception that Face ID is faster now.

One of the gripes about Face ID has been that it is slower to unlock the iPhone than Touch ID. So even though Apple hasn’t mentioned it in the release notes I won’t be surprised if Apple has made improvements to make Face ID unlock iPhone X faster.

Please take the poll below to let us know if you have noticed any improvements in Face ID after upgrading to iOS 11.2, and please feel free to share your experience in more details in the comments below.