iOS 11.2.1 Fixes Autofocus Bug on iPhone X and iPhone 8

iPhone X Body Shots 2

Earlier today Apple released the iOS 11.2.1 update which fixed some bugs. Among them, Apple also fixed an autofocus bug affecting certain units of iPhone X and iPhone 8. The bug had initially crept its way with the iOS 11.2 release. 

The bug led to iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus units not being able to focus properly as they continuously shifted between the two lenses. The issue persisted even after a restart and reopening the camera app. Affected users were only able to fix the issue by downgrading to iOS 11.1.2.

Here’s how MacRumors forum member Nixie described the problem:

Hello there, was wondering if anyone have this issue too, when on iOS 11.2 the camera isnt able to get in focus, the lense just go back and forth indefinetly. Restored back to 11.1.2 and the issue is gone, updated back as new iPhone on 11.2 issue is there. So this looks like a software problem. Anybody with the same problem?

Apart from fixing this autofocus bug, iOS 11.2.1 also re-enabled remote access for shared users of the Home app users. The feature was nixed by Apple last week after a major HomeKit vulnerability was discovered.

[Via MacRumors]