iOS 11 Bug Leading to iPhone Being Stuck in Reboot/Respring Issue for Users

iPhone X Lock screen No Notifications Locked

A number of iPhone users in China, Japan and other parts of the world are complaining about their iPhone being stuck in a reboot/respring loop. The issue started occurring for users after the date on their iPhone rolled over to December 2.

The problem seems to be affecting all iPhone variants out there including the iPhone X, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 running iOS 11.1 and higher. Apple’s support helpline has already acknowledged the issue and the support staffs are currently overwhelmed with calls from affected users.

All affected iPhones are entering into a respring loop within seconds or minutes of use. In a respring, the Springboard — the iOS home screen — reloads itself after which it asks a user for the passcode. Thus, with constant resprings every few seconds to a minute, this issue is effectively rendering all affected iPhone units useless.

The issue seems to stem from a bug in iOS which is being triggered by apps that send multiple notifications or reminders a day. So, if your iPhone is stuck in a respring loop, you can try to turn off notifications from such apps to fix the issue. Alternatively, you can also try changing the date back to December 1 on your iPhone to fix the issue temporarily until Apple gets around to fixing the issue for good. A restart or resetting the settings of the device will not solve the issue here since the problem is occurring due to an underlying iOS 11 bug.

Apple has already fixed the said bug in iOS 11.2 beta. If your iPhone is also stuck in a respring loop, make sure to check out our article below on how to fix the issue.

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