iPads Help Students with Autism Create Music; Completely Transforms Their Lives

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iPads have allowed students with disabilities to play music for the first time, with the experience transforming the lives of student and helping them communicate and talk like never before. These students struggled to play classical instruments due to their autism and other motor skill issues.

Pianist Adam Goldberg who taught music at a school in Queens, New York wanted to help these students  which is when his friend friend recommended an instrument almost anyone could play: an iPad. Following this, Goldberg applied for a grant to buy eight iPads which then led the kids to form the P177Q iPad band. While the pianist had hoped the ultimate result would be good, his students ended up surpassing his “version of awesome into something even beyond that.”

Even the principal of the school, Cathy Post, was surprised after seeing kids with autism play music. As for the kids themselves, this has led to an increase in their self-esteem, with one student who never spoke before now singing the lead solo song and even writing them.

No wonder the whole thing managed to catch the attention of Apple’s CEO Tim Cook who tweeted the link to the CBS report.

The improvements in the life of their kids have also made the parents very happy, with many of them crying with joy when they see their kid playing music on stage and enjoying himself.

The iPad sure has changed the computing habits of many people out there, but it has probably had the most impact on the lives of people with disabilities who can now enjoy it to the fullest.

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