Apple Rumored to be ‘on Schedule’ to Shut Down iTunes Music Downloads in 2019

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Back in 2016, a rumor suggested that Apple was working on eliminating music downloads from the iTunes Music store “within two years.”

Now, Digital Music News has a new report to “corroborate” that initial rumor, suggesting that Apple is indeed still “on schedule” to eliminate iTunes Music downloads by 2019. However, it did not take long before apple officially responded to that rumor, saying, at the time, that it “isn’t true,” but didn’t elaborate any further than that.

Now, DMN suggests that while Apple has told the publication the same thing, that they are not planning on shutting down iTunes Music downloads, they have heard from several sources that Apple is planning on doing just that, despite the company’s refusal to admit as much:

“Apple has told DMN that no such phase-out plan exists. One source has repeatedly insisted that the plan not only exists, but that it is ‘on schedule,’ or even ahead of the original schedule.”

The report states that Apple has a two-fold plan in place. The first is to phase out iTunes Music downloads altogether. But, at the very same time, to transition iTunes Music customers over to Apple Music. How that would work, according to the report, is that Apple would automatically transition the iTunes Music account over to an Apple Music account. That means that whatever they have purchased would automatically make the jump to Apple Music — which already happens for paying subscribers now, so that’s not a big leap of possibility.

Of course, Apple doing this automatically has traditionally not gone over well for the company. Just look back at the company automatically putting a U2 album in customers’ digital library for an example. And considering Apple Music comes with a standard $9.99 per month (standard) monthly plan, one can’t help but think that automatically putting customers on an Apple Music subscription would just about guarantee a self-made explosion in their face.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has once again said that this report is “not true,” so at least Apple is sticking to the statement.

Do you think Apple will get rid of iTunes Music downloads and automatically transition customers to Apple Music?

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