KGI: 2018 iPhone X to Feature 10 Percent Larger Battery in a Single Cell Design

iPhone X Lock screen No Notifications Locked

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the 2018 variant of the iPhone X could feature a 10 percent higher capacity battery if Apple and LG Chem are able to make the shift to a one-cell design and mass produce it on time. The current generation iPhone X employs a two-cell battery design which Apple had first used on the original iPhone.

The switch to a two-cell design would allow Apple to boost the 2018 iPhone X’s battery capacity from 2716mAh to anywhere between 2900-3000mAh. The increase in battery capacity along with improved power efficiency of the next-generation A12 chip should lead to the 2018 iPhone X offering battery life similar to the iPhone 7/8 Plus. The current generation iPhone X offers around 2 hours more battery life than the iPhone 7 but clearly falls short of the bigger Plus model.

The analyst once again reiterates in his note that Apple would be launching three iPhones in 2018. This includes a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus and a 5.8-inch iPhone X with OLED panels, while the third 6.1-inch variant would sport an LCD display. The iPhone X Plus with its 6.5-inch OLED display would continue to feature a two-cell battery design similar to the existing iPhone X but its bigger size means there would be more space for the battery as well which should have a capacity of around 3400mAh.

As for the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, it would be a budget device in Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup. It is expected to feature a metal body which means it would lack wireless charging. It would also feature rectangular battery to keep costs down, though its battery capacity should still be around 2900mAh due to an increase in internal space inside the device thanks to the larget display. All three 2018 iPhones would feature Face ID and share largely the same internals.

[Via 9to5Mac]