Plexamp Is a Winamp-inspired Standalone Music Player with Offline Playback Support, More

Plex, which is known primarily for its cloud-based media streaming apps, has released a new standalone lightweight media player called Plexamp music player. The app is the outcome of the company’s new Plex Labs incubator where its employees work on their own passion projects and other popular community projects.

The idea of Plexamp music player was to reimagine the classic Winamp and make a tiny and lightweight music player that pays homage to it. The app is built using Electron, ES7, React and MobX, and since it makes use of Music Player Deamon (MPD), it can playback almost any music format you throw at it. The app is available for both macOS and Windows and can be controlled using the media keys on your keyboard. It can also be used to control other Plex players or be remotely controlled.

In addition to the above feature set, Plexamp music player also comes with some fun visualizer, gapless playback — which is perhaps a must for a music player. A subtle nice new feature is Soft transitions to ensure the music fades out/in when you pause/resume playback. The same is also applicable when you skip to the next track or jump forward in a track. Despite being a lightweight music player, Plexamp has plenty of other useful features. Some notable ones include:

  • Library stations: You’ve always been able to shuffle your entire library, but that’s not always the best way to explore it, and a completely random shuffle doesn’t take into account certain perceptual aspects of the experience. The new server radio station functionality uses advanced heuristics around track popularity, rating, and listening history. There are two library stations available:
  • Library Radio: works across your entire library, in no particular order.
  • Time Travel Radio: starts with earliest released music and works forward, to provide you with a whirlwind, genre-bending voyage through the history of music. We love starting our mornings with this (and coffee; lots of coffee).
  • Artist radio: Each artist now provides an artist radio station which gives you a great way to kick off a playlist of similar music. As the station goes on, it explores more corners of your library, inspired by the starting point.

Plexamp is primarily designed for folks who use Plex for their music listening needs and unlike Plex media player, it can also work in offline mode. Plexamp will likely win you over with its simplicity, ease of use and attractive UI which it has managed to achieve despite being limited to a single window.

Download: Plexamp

[Via Medium]