Sprint Launches Buy One, Get One Offer for iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Colors 1

If you are under the Sprint network’s banner and have not picked up a new iPhone yet, a new offer may be worth a look.

The Now Network has announced that it is kicking off a buy one, get one (BOGO) free deal for the iPhone 8. The offer begins today, and you can choose between the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8 Plus to start with. You will need to get either handset on the Sprint Flex plan, and you will get a 64GB iPhone 8 for free as the second device as part of the promotion.

The iPhone 8 on Sprint Flex starts at $29.17 per month, and the iPhone 8 Plus costs $33.34 per month under the same plan. Once you sign up for the Flex Plan with that first phone, you will get the aforementioned 64GB iPhone 8 for free thanks to monthly bill credits at $29.17, which will cover the phone’s monthly cost.

You will also need to either have two new lines ready to go (signing up for new service or adding lines), or one upgrade available and add a new line to be eligible for the promo.

As it stands right now, Sprint says that this is a limited time promotion, but does not say when it will wrap up. So if you are interested, it sounds like this may be one of those act sooner rather than later situations.

Do you think you will take advantage of this new promo from Sprint?