Apple’s $29 Battery Replacement is One-Per-iPhone

Apple ran into a bit of drama before the end of 2017, and, as a result, has had to launch a limited-time $29 battery replacement for its older iPhone lineup to help alleviate the pressure.

But for folks who think they might be able to get multiple batteries during that time frame, a new report from MacRumors should interfere with those expectations. Specifically, if any owner of an older iPhone believed they could get multiple battery replacements for their device during the $29 replacement window, that is not the case.

Apple’s official iPhone service pricing page has confirmed what should have been assumed: The battery replacement within the $29 window is only one-per-iPhone. This relates specifically to this $29 deal, and the fact that Apple is currently replacing batteries in the iPhone 6 or newer devices regardless of what the diagnostics test says. So, if you have an older iPhone and want the battery replaced, you can do that — but just once, regardless of what the diagnostics tool says.

However, if you come back in and want a new battery, and the device passes the diagnostics test (meaning, the test doesn’t indicate your battery is bad or on the way out), you can still get the battery replaced, but you will need to fork over the full $79 replacement fee to get that new battery.

Apple dropping the price for battery replacements was a good first step to try and fix the issue it created before the end of 2017. The subsequent iOS update that should arrive in the early part of this year should also help.

Our Take

This should be expected and should not be a surprise in the slightest. Still, some folks out there might have gotten their battery replaced this month, and then tried again before the end of 2018, hoping to get a brand new, cheap battery before 2018 closed out, and before the $29 fee disappeared. After all, the $58 total cost for those two replacements is still cheaper than the standard $79.

Have you already replaced your iPhone’s battery using the $29 replacement fee program?

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