Apple Delays Certain iOS 12 Features to Focus on Performance and Stability

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In a bid to focus on performance and quality of iOS, Apple has decided to delay the release of some major features for iOS 12 to next year. The report claims that Apple’s revised plan was announced by Craig Federighi to employees in an internal meeting earlier this month.

The features that have been delayed for 2019 include a redesigned home screen and CarPlay, improved system apps like Mail, sharing of data, and more. This does not mean that iOS 12 will be devoid of new features though. It will come with improvements to ARKit, parental controls, and digital health. Additionally, Apple is focusing on improving the performance of iOS across all its devices and make them more stable so that customers don’t run into frequent issues.

Many inside Apple have questioned the change in focus towards performance and stability as this will likely disappoint end consumers. After all, customers look forward to a new release of iOS for major new features, and the improved performance and stability is something that customers will only be able to appreciate after they experience the update by installing it on their device. Insiders at Apple also feel that they will not be able to improve the stability of the OS by a significant margin with this approach.

Our Take

While Apple’s software was once known for its reliability and stability, that is no longer the case. Over the last one year itself, numerous bugs and issues have been discovered in the OS annoying iPhone and iPad owners. Apple has been quick to fix these bugs but its reputation for making stable and reliable software has already taken a hit. And more importantly, these bugs should not have existed in the very first place and show Apple’s lack of focus on its QA.

A renewed focus towards performance and stability will be a welcome change after a string of major bugs were discovered in iOS 11 within weeks of its launch. However, I can’t help but feel that Apple should not have delayed the refresh of the home screen until 2019. That’s one part of the OS that is in dire need of an overhaul.

Apple will be unveiling iOS 12 at WWDC 2018 which should be held in early June this year.

[Via Axios]