Apple Sending Out Emails Apologising For Erroneously Sending Out iCloud China Data Migration Notice To International Users

Apple Store, Beijing, China

Yesterday, there were reports that Apple was accidentally migrating data of its iCloud users outside of China to Chinese servers as well. The company informed about this move to its customers through email. Now, the Cupertino company is sending out another email informing users that the original email was sent in error. 

It clarifies in the email that only iCloud accounts with the country set to China will have their data migrated to GCBD servers. Interestingly, the email confirms that Apple will only be moving those iCloud accounts to its Chinese servers which have their Apple ID set as China. So, if you don’t want to migrate your data to Chinese servers, you can try changing the location of your Apple ID.

Apple has started migrating data of its iCloud users living in China from U.S. servers to a Chinese company’s server located in China itself. The company is taking this move to ensure compliance with the new regulations of the Chinese government which makes it mandatory for every cloud service operator in the country to store local data of customers in servers hosted in the country.

Apple is the first major US giant to have started transitioning the data of its Chinese customers to servers hosted in the country. Other tech giants are also expected to follow suit soon. This move has raised some privacy concerns as many believe it would allow the Chinese government to spy on users. However, Apple has reaffirmed users in a statement that it continues to place a strong emphasis on user privacy and that data stored on GCBD servers will feature the same grade of encryption as used by its servers in the United States.

[Via TechCrunch]