Apple Supply Chain Partner Wistron Looking To Assemble iPhone 6s In India

Apple’s supply chain partner Wistron started assembling the iPhone SE in India from last year to meet local demand. Now, the company is looking to expand its assembly process by investing another $157 million in the country. 

Reuters report details that Wistron is looking for a 100-acre land and is looking at an investment of around $157 million so that it can start assembling iPhone 6s locally in the country. The company’s executive met some industry ministers of Karnataka earlier this month to finalize on the land lease deal.

Wistron will not be looking to use the whole 100-acre area for assembling the iPhone 6s though. Instead, it will only dedicate a part of the land to set up assembly lines for Apple.

The report cites another source and says that Apple is looking to start assembling iPhone 6s models in India through Wistron in a bid to cut down costs and diversify its production base.

Our Take

Wistron started assembling the iPhone SE in India from early 2017. By assembling the handset locally, Apple was able to cut down on import taxes and duties which helped it to lower the price of the iPhone SE in the country. Considering how price sensitive the Indian smartphone market is, this move further gave a boost to the sales of the 4-inch handset in the country. With the iPhone 6s, Apple is looking to do something similar. Despite being more than two years old, the iPhone 6s is still very popular in the country. And by assembling the handset locally, Apple is looking to enjoy some savings on import duties and taxes thereby allowing it to reduce the price of the handset in India.

[Via Reuters]