Coolstar to Release Electra, a Jailbreak Tweak/Theme Development Kit for iOS 11

Electra Jailbreak Tweak/Theme Development kit

Hot on the heels of announcing that he had successfully got Substitute, the alternative for Cydia Substrate to work on iOS 11, coolstar has announced plans to release a jailbreak Tweak/Theme development kit for jailbreak developers called Electra.

Coolstar goes on to add that it will come with “Anemone, libsubstitute, Preference Loader, SSH, SCP, SFTP and GNU Command line utilities preinstalled!”

The jailbreak Tweak/Theme development kit will allow developers to test their tweaks and themes on iOS 11. Even though LiberiOS jailbreak has been released to jailbreak iOS 11 – iOS 11.2.1, the lack of Cydia and Cydia Substrate for iOS 11 has meant that the developers haven’t been able to test their tweaks on iOS 11 and fix the compatibility issues.

Substitute, the Cydia Substrate alternative, will allow tweak and theme developers to install their tweaks and test them. This is great news as it would give jailbreak developers enough time to get their tweaks to work on iOS 11 before saurik releases Cydia and Cydia Substrate for iOS 11.

He has also shared a glimpse of the website for Electra on Twitter as you can see in the screenshot above.

Update: coolstar has also revealed that Electra will have safe mode for SpringBoard in case one of the jailbreak tweaks crash SpringBoard. The ability to enter safe mode will enable developers to disable all the jailbreak tweaks and extensions that may be causing the issue, uninstall the problematic tweak and then reboot back to normal mode.

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