First Smartphone with In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Showcased at CES 2018

Last year, we heard plenty of rumors about Apple being in a race against time to incorporate an in-display fingerprint scanner on the iPhone X. Ultimately though, Apple could not get the tech ready in time and decided to just ship the iPhone X with Face ID.

Android OEMs were in a similar boat as they tried to get the in-display fingerprint scanner ready in time for their flagship phones but could not do so. Late last year though, Synaptics announced its latest Clear ID in-display fingerprint scanner for OEMs to make use of in their devices.

Now, at CES 2018, Chinese smartphone OEM Vivo is showing off a smartphone featuring an in-display fingerprint scanner.

The process of unlocking the phone with an in-display fingerprint remains the same as a phone with a capacitive sensor. But here, you need to place your registered thumb or finger on a specific part of the display. As The Verge reports though, the fingerprint scanner is slightly slower to unlock which is understandable. You are roughly looking at an unlock time of around 0.7 seconds. The slower unlock times is not going to be a deal breaker but its something that you will immediately notice while coming from a phone with a traditional capacitive sensor.

With Touch ID on the iPhone 6s and higher being blazing fast, it is possible that Apple could have second thoughts on including the sensor on the iPhone X had it been ready on time.

For the 2018 iPhone X, it is unclear whether Apple would include an in-display fingerprint sensor on the handset or not. The company is not known for including technologies on its devices after it has ditched them once. Instead, it is possible that we could see Apple further improve Face ID on the 2018 iPhone X instead of using an in-display fingerprint scanner on it.

[Via The Verge]