iOS 11.3 Will Allow iPhone X Owners to Authorise Family Purchases Through Face ID

iPhone X Face ID App Install

Over the holiday season, iPhone X owners realized that they could not authorize Family Purchases using Face ID. Instead, they were forced to enter the password of their Apple account to approve every single transaction — a tedious and frustrating process.

What frustrated iPhone X owners was the fact that on other iPhones, one could simply approve a family purchase using Touch ID. For its part, Apple had earlier made it clear that Face ID could fail to distinguish between a parent and their children’s face which is presumably why it did not allow one to use Face ID to authenticate family purchases.

Well, after taking into account the frustration of hundreds of iPhone X owners out there, Apple seems to have made a small change in iOS 11.3. Starting with iOS 11.3, it looks like it would be possible for an iPhone X owner to approve transactions for family sharing through Face ID. While a welcome improvement, I can’t help but feel that Apple should have provided this option right from the very beginning when it first released the iPhone X. It would have ended up sparing iPhone X customers a lot of frustration over the holiday season whenever they were required to approve a family purchase.

As an iPhone X owner, are you happy that Apple is finally getting around to adding Face ID authorization for family purchases? iOS 11.3 is currently being beta tested by Apple and will be released in spring of this year.

[Via 9to5Mac]