‘Modern iPad’ Reference in iOS 11.3 Hints at Future iPad Pro With Face ID

The iPad Pro lineup has a lot to learn from the iPhone X, and if the rumor mill is any indicator, the early tablet refresh this year might indeed adopt quite a few traits from last year’s flagship iPhone.

It has already been reported several times now that the iPad Pro in 2018 may feature the TrueDepth camera system that Apple introduced in the iPhone X, and, with it, bring Face ID biometric security to the larger devices. Those same rumors also suggest the iPad Pro lineup will adopt minimal bezels and drop the Home button, too.

Now, thanks to code surfaced in iOS 11.3 —which saw its first developer beta seeded yesterday— there is another hint suggesting the iPad Pro will get Face ID support. As first discovered by iHelpBR, there are strings in iOS 11.3 that point to a “modern iPad”. The reason this is worthwhile, is because the iPhone X was referenced in older code as “modern iPhone”. Which, developer Guilherme Rambo points out, probably means that the next iPad update will also support Face ID — just like the iPhone X.

Face ID is going to be a major component for several different Apple products, based on the rumor mill. Suggestions that Apple will include the security feature in two new iPhones this year (the iPhone X Plus and the 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD display), as well as still be the standard feature in the iPhone X’s successor as well.

Our Take

Considering that Apple is phasing out Touch ID and opting to adopt Face ID for its go-to biometric security measure, the quick turnaround for other devices to adopt the feature makes sense. The most intriguing part of the iPad Pro adopting the TrueDepth camera system isn’t the inevitable adoption of Face ID, but the way that Apple implements it. Will we see the iPad Pro adopt the “notch design” of the iPhone X?

What do you think?

[via @filipekids; @_inside; iHelpBR]