Samsung Galaxy S9 Will be Announced at Mobile World Congress

The beginning of the year is pretty busy with new smartphone announcements. Apple isn’t part of that mix, of course, but its biggest competitor, Samsung, certainly is.

Word on the street was that Samsung was going to bring its newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S9, to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, and give a little preview of the upcoming handset. But it turns out that won’t be the case after all, and Samsung is going to wait a little bit longer to unveil the new handset properly.

Now, Samsung has confirmed when we can expect to see the Galaxy S9 make its official debut: Mobile World Congress. That’s another major trade show, where a lot of companies will be announcing new products, but Samsung is definitely one of the larger names on hand. The convention runs between February 26 until March 1. It’s likely that we’ll see the Galaxy S9 announced on February 26, or even a day before, on February 25.

As for what we can expect, Samsung isn’t saying anything right now. Rumors have pointed to the Galaxy S9 offering a slight change in design cue over the Galaxy S8, at least as far as the fingerprint reader is concerned. On the Galaxy S8 the sensor was to the side of the rear camera, which was seen as a negative for the handset. Rumors suggest Samsung will move the fingerprint sensor below the camera housing, so it should make it more comfortable to reach.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S9+ is said to have a dual-camera setup on the back, similar to the iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X. We will also see improvements to the display, the processor, maybe more RAM, and other key improvements over the Galaxy S8 lineup last year.

Our Take

This year is likely going to have a pretty evolutionary update for the Galaxy S lineup, with the Galaxy S9 using its time in the limelight to refine the key elements that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ last year. Changing the fingerprint reader will probably be the most important part, and the difference between the cameras will definitely be a talking point early this year.

[via ZDNET]