Sonos Will Offer a Sonos One 2-Pack for the Price of an Apple HomePod

Sonos has been well-known for years for the quality of its speakers, so it wasn’t too surprising that when Apple unveiled its first smart speaker, Sonos’s name came up.

Just recently, in fact, it was reported that the HomePod offers “superior sound quality” when compared to a Sonos One. The comparisons will surely keep on coming, especially after the HomePod goes on sale on February 9. Leading up to that date, though, there is a pre-order window going live on Friday, January 26.

On that date, Sonos is also going to offer a deal of its own: A Sonos One two-pack for the same price as a single Apple HomePod. That’s $349. That’s a $50 discount from what Sonos typically charges, with each individual speaker usually priced at $199.

As far as sound quality goes, the reviews for the HomePod will surely go into depth as to how it compares to other devices out there, especially Sonos-branded speakers. It will certainly be interesting to see how things stack up, especially with Apple touting the HomePod’s audio quality.

There is also the fact that the HomePod is built in with Siri, and, at least out of the gate, the use of voice controls are pretty focused on first-party apps like Apple Music. You can’t use Siri to control specific music control options, like telling the digital assistant to play a playlist in Spotify. If you use Apple Music, though, then Siri voice controls for music playback will work fine.

Meanwhile, the Sonos One uses Amazon’s Alexa for voice control functions, so you can use it with Spotify and other streaming music services.

Our Take

The timing for the Sonos One discount is an aggressive choice. It’s unfortunate we won’t know how the pre-orders for Apple’s HomePod stack up against how many Sonos One two-packs are sold. One has to imagine that the fact the HomePod is so dedicated to first-party ecosystem apps, versus how other smart speakers function, won’t deter Apple customers in the slightest, though.

Are you planning on buying a HomePod?

[via Sonos]