Spotify Now Has 70 Million Paid Subscribers [Updated: Tweet is Back!]

Subscribers is the goal when it comes to any subscription service, and Spotify continues to rake in the monthly customers.

Update: The tweet that announced Spotify’s milestone has returned, published within the last five minutes from this update. It’s a pretty straightforward tweet, stating only, “Hello 70 million subscribers” along with a hand-clapping emoji. No image or video to go along with it. You can see that tweet below:

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Today, Spotify sent out a tweet that announced the streaming music platform had reached 70 million paid subscribers. That tweet has now been deleted, so perhaps they jumped the gun a bit. However, it is impossible to ignore the fact that Spotify has been growing in numbers ever since its debut years ago. Last March the company confirmed it had reached 50 million subscribers, and then, later in the summer of the same year, announced it had already amassed 60 million subscribers.

Now, to start 2018, the company has reached the 70 million paid subscribers mark. It is, of course, also worth noting that Spotify has a free tier, and adding those numbers to the paid subscribers makes the number of users jump up to over 140 million.

To compare to the other major competitor in the market at this point, Apple confirmed that its own music streaming service, Apple Music, had “well over” 30 million subscribers. That number was confirmed in September of last year, so it is likely that it has gone up quite a bit since then. Apple Music is basically a newcomer to the scene compared to Spotify, so the fact it has racked up that many subscribers already is certainly noteworthy.

Spotify is looking to go public this year, so this is one milestone that will go well on the bullet list of accomplishments for the company. Unfortunately, on the other side of the coin, the company is also facing a $1.6 billion lawsuit, which deals with rights licenses.

Our Take

This is a huge milestone, to be certain, and Spotify is more than likely pretty excited about the fact that it is still leading the charge in the music streaming market — especially considering this is the only service that Spotify offers. Unlike the other major players, like Apple, Amazon, and Google, all of which make their money from other options and simply have a music streaming service to accompany those other things.

Still, the company isn’t ignoring the inroads that Apple Music continues to make. The race is certainly one-sided for now, but Apple continues to catch up despite starting late.