Apple Replacing Some 16GB iPhone 5c Units Needing Repair With 32GB iPhone 5c

It has been several years since Apple launched the iPhone 5c, but it looks like Apple is offering a bit of a bonus for some customers who have a unit that needs to be repaired.

According to a report from MacRumors, citing a new directive from Apple sent out to Authorized Service Providers recently, Apple is now offering an upgrade of sorts for 16GB iPhone 5c units. For some customers, they will see their devices switched out to a 32GB iPhone 5c, depending on the type of repair their device needs.

As it stands, there is no word on what, exactly, would constitute a swap of devices. This is all Apple says on the matter, according to the report:

“Orders for whole unit service inventory of iPhone 5c (16GB) models may be substituted to iPhone 5c (32GB) models until further notice.”

As noted in the original report, the reason why Apple may be going this route is based on available inventory of the 16GB iPhone 5c, which, after all this time, may be dwindling. Offering the 32GB option instead may help alleviate that strain for replacement models.

Our Take

Even if there isn’t a specific requirement here, and there doesn’t appear to be a guarantee that a repaired 16GB iPhone 5c will earn a swap for the 32GB model, it’s still good to see that Apple is at least offering the swap for some customers. The iPhone 5c is an aging device, and that 16GB storage can be picked at very quickly — a bump up to 32GB can be a huge benefit.

[via MacRumors]